Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection practice guidelines


Disinfecting high-touch surfaces close to the patient or resident with regularity and validated compliance is the most effective approach in lowering Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). 

Many studies point to this, with Huselage and Rutala (2010) suggesting that the most contaminated areas in a hospital or residential room are within a one metre radius of the patient. 

Mitchell 2015, Otter 2013 and Hayden 2008 noted that the most contaminated surfaces are those close to the patient, and that the risk of cross infection is higher if a new patient is admitted into a bed previously occupied by an infected patient. Cohen (2012) showed that the patient's bedrail is touched 256 times per day by different people but it is disinfected only once.

Diversey Care recommends disinfection at the point of care is the key to lower HAI rates and better patient outcomes. 

Follow the 6 Moments of Surface Disinfection to help improve patient health