Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection practice guidelines

Best practice cleaning and disinfection process   

Selecting the right cleaning and disinfection process combined with the right choice of product has a far greater impact on the reduction and control of HAI’s.  

Correct process is key to mitigate HAI risks in your facility.  Disinfecting high-touch surfaces close to the patient with a cleaning method that has very high levels of compliance is much more effective in reducing pathogen transmissions.

An infection prevention program is only effective if its process are consistently adhered to and fully adopted by all members of the organisation.  Facilities must take into account, not only the performance of the chosen products, but also the training, safety and education of staff. In addressing these issues, we can ensure validated compliance with the selected application process.

At Diversey, we are specialist in implementing the right cleaning and disinfection process that your facilities need to protect patients, visitors and staff.

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