Diversey Vericlean System

The Diversey Vericlean System provides a measurable, consistent and comprehensive level of infection control and prevention through the complete adoption of the three key stages of products, process, and proof.


Welcome to the Diversey Vericlean System, an innovative healthcare program that helps facilities optimise their cleaning and disinfection practices and deliver a high standard of patient care through the implementation of the 3Ps.

The Diversey Vericlean System is an integrated approach that combines productsprocess, and proof of compliance to reduce contamination risks, meets clinical governance requirements and improve patient outcomes. By targeting high touch surfaces close to the patient Diversey can help reduce the risk of the environment in the transmission of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) through improved cleaning and disinfection practices. Diversey accomplishes this by incorporating the right products and tools, optimising patient room cleaning process, implementing best practices through training and customised materials, and measuring cleaning outcomes through surface testing and web-based audit software.

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