Diversey’s comprehensive cleaning and disinfection product range mitigates infection risk and improves patient outcomes.


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Choosing the correct product is central to delivering effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and disinfection solutions.

Diversey's Diversey Vericlean System offers industry-leading products as part of an integrated solution for preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Our portfolio of infection prevention products allows specialised solutions for both hospitals and aged care.

The available clinical evidence is very diverse. In practice there is no magic bullet for healthcare infection prevention.

Delivering an effective infection prevention program involves selecting and implementing the right products for different healthcare environments and using it correctly.  

Our comprehensive range of cleaners, disinfectants and cleaning tools are world- class innovations that will simplify the decision-making process in selecting the right program for your facility that optimises results while lowering operating costs.

Diversey representatives can help you implement your program through staff education to maintain a high standard of care for your patients, residents, staff and visitors.