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The latest in Infection Prevention

The new strain of the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis norovirus, has been detected in Victoria and health experts warn it could become an epidemic.

The new strained referred to as Melbourne Norovirus, is expected to radiate out of Victoria into New South Wales and Queensland, then peak in all states in mid 2017.

Chlorine bleach will not be an effective method of disinfection. Chlorine destroys fabrics and hard surfaces causing micro cracks within which the norovirus is able to hide.

Diversey Care’s Oxivir range, containing revolutionary AHP technology, is the most appropriate disinfectant to use in the event of an outbreak.

The most effective preventative actions include disinfecting high-touch surfaces at the point of care and in bathrooms, as well as implementing correct hand hygiene.

For more information on the Norovirus refer to our full Pathogen Guide here.

To find out how more about how Diversey Care’s range of infection prevention solutions can help protect your institute against the norovirus, contact our Health Care team today.