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The Cold & Flu season is here!

We understand the issues and challenges that hospitals and aged care facilities face during the cold and flu season and the impact it has on patients, residents and staff.  

At Diversey, we have provided proven infection prevention solutions to major hospitals and aged care facilities in Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years.

We don’t accept that cold and flu are just part of winter, and neither should you.

Influenza leads to fever, sore throats, stuffy, runny nose, body aches, chills and fatigue.  For the sick and the elderly this can lead to other complications. Each year the flu also results in staff absenteeism and lost productivity.

Did you know that a single sneeze can release 40,000 droplets which spread into the air and onto surfaces? 

Cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces plays a vital role to help minimise the risk of Influenza transmission.

Diversey’s registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Oxivir® Tb is proven to kill Influenza virus in just 1 minute. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Oxivir® Tb works within the time it takes for the surface to dry, effectively killing influenza fast!

For more information on Influenza

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Influenza Essential Information


For more information on Oxivir® Tb

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Oxivir® Tb Disinfectant Range

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