Our disinfectant range includes premium Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) products, which helps reduce the risk of infection by delivering powerful efficacy that is both safe and sustainable

TASKI® Strip Eze


Non-ammoniated all purpose stripper for resilient and non-resilient floors.

  • Non ammoniated means less fumes
  • Low foaming formulation for easy pick up
  • Effective on a wide range of sealer/finishes
  • Suitable for resilient and non-resilient floors
  • Low/medium (175-1500 rpm) and high speed (1500-3000 rpm) applications



2 x 5L

1:6 - Light build up

1:2 - Heavy build up

12.5 at 1:6
Clear / colourless



New Zealand

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TASKI® Stride® J-Fill™

Neutral cleaner formulated for daily cleaning of floors, washrooms and other hard washable surfaces. Citrus fragrance.

  • Neutral pH - does not leave residues or damage the floor’s protective coating
  • Suitable for all hard surfaces such as walls, tables, chrome, stainless steel and laminate
  • Does not need rinsing
  • Green Sealed Approved
  • Concentrated formula deliver economy-in-use and reduces packaging wastage
  • For use as daily floor cleaner and general cleaner
  • Use as spray and wipe application or in mop and bucket
  • Use in autoscrubber
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2 x 2.5L

1:375, 1:750

Orange / Citrus

J-Fill™ Quattro Select Dispenser.

Wall-mounted dispenser for bottle, bucket and autoscrubber filling of J-Fill™

Product Code: D04384


New Zealand

For the full Diversey range, download our latest Product Catalogue - AU | NZ