The Diversey Vericlean System employs an evidence-based validation program to improve the thoroughness of cleaning and disinfection of high touch environmental surfaces by integrating products, processes, training and validation tools into an integrated approach to improve patient outcomes.


Objective monitoring of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is critical in mitigating the transmission of HAIs. 

Accurate, high quality data are important for setting infection prevention priorities and measuring progress, with formal validation processes required to ensure that data usage is as robust as possible.

There are a number of techniques for evaluating the cleanliness of a surface. The most frequently relied on, and the least reliable, is a visual assessment. This method has obvious limitations and can be dangerous in a healthcare environment.

Diversey's Diversey Vericlean System is a comprehensive cleaning validation program which incorporates a web-based data collection and reporting platform along with validation tools, allowing you to measure performance while providing actionable intelligence to drive continuous improvement.

Validation Process