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Covers Diversey TASKI Jonmaster microfibre system and Diversey™ validation tools.

TASKI® Ultra Mop Frame


Mop frames for use with TASKI® Jonmaster Ultra T-Handle (D7520277). Frames are light-weight and thin to enable the operator to travel beneath low surfaces. The unique locking device regulates the speed at which the mop frame turns, simplifying mopping of walls and ceilings.

  • Durable, hard wearing
  • Easy replacable velcro strips
  • Light weight for ergonomic mopping
  • Unique click-fit & locking system for vertical surface cleaning
  • Use with the UltraPlus T-handle (D7520277) for damp and dust mopping of hard floor surfaces.


D7520279 - 25cm Frame

D7520280 - 40cm Frame

D7518446 TASKI® JM Ultra Damp Mop Blue 25cm

D7518553 TASKI® JM Ultra Damp Mop Red 25cm

D7518447 TASKI® JM Ultra Damp Mop Blue 40cm

D7518554 TASKI® JM Ultra Damp Mop Red 40cm

D6141517 TASKI® JM Ultra Damp Mop Yellow 40cm

D7514586 TASKI® Jonmaster Ultra T-Handle


New Zealand

Pack of 1

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