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Covers Diversey TASKI Jonmaster microfibre system and Diversey™ validation tools.

TASKI® Jonmaster Ultra Interior Mop


Premium high quality, interior microfibre mop for effective dust and dirt removal in small spaces and hard-to-reach surfaces such as bookshelves, lamps, ceiling, window frames. Guaranteed up to 500 washes.

  • 100% microfibre
  • Excellent dust, dirt and hair pick-up by static charge attraction when used dry
  • Bendable mop and adjustable height allows easy access for inaccesible and high to reach areas (ceiling)
  • 500 washes


D7518939 - Green

D7514592 TASKI® Jonmaster Ultra Interior Mop Handle


New Zealand

Pack of 5

Mop size: 9 x 54cm

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