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Covers Diversey TASKI® floor care machines, TASKI Jonmaster microfibre system and Diversey™ validation tools.

TASKI® Jet 38 and Jet 50


Upright vacuum cleaner with a dual motor system and high-speed brushes to provide excellent air flow and superior cleaning result .

  • High-speed brushes mechanically remove dirt within the fibres of the carpet
  • Lightweight & and easy to manoeuvre
  • Can be used in a horizontal position to clean underneath beds and furniture
  • Improved air quality
  • 12 months warranty
  • For carpets and hard floors


D7516255ANZ TASKI® Jet 38

D7516256ANZ TASKI® Jet 50

D6136419 Jet 38 & 50 Reusable cloth bag

D8502160 Double filter paper dust bag (pk of 10)

D8505180 Hepa filter


New Zealand

38cm - TASKI® Jet 38

50cm - TASKI® Jet 50

26x38x120cm, 7.8kg - TASKI® Jet 38

26x50x120cm, 8.3kg - TASKI® Jet 50

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