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Covers Diversey TASKI Jonmaster microfibre system and Diversey™ validation tools.

TASKI® MyMicro Cloths 2.0


Knitted microfibre cleaning cloth designed forknitted microfibre cleaning cloth designed forspray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning. The fine fibres of the cloth make it easy to penetrate into the surface at a finer level than normal fibres, removing higher levels of dirt, dust and bacteria. Guaranteed up to 300 washes, colour coded for specfic areas.

  • Excellent dust and dirt pick-up
  • Colour coded
  • 300 washes


D7524829 - Blue cloth

D7524828 - Red Cloth

D7524830 - Green Cloth

D7524831 - Yellow Cloth

D7517242 TASKI® Cloth box 7L with handle

D7517243 TASKI® Cloth box lid blue

D7517362 TASKI® Cloth box lid red

D7517363 TASKI® Cloth box lid green

D7517364 TASKI® Cloth box lid yellow

D7522264 TASKI® Prep jug inc sticker set


New Zealand

Pack of 20

Cloth size: 36 x 36cm

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