Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection practice guidelines


Surface disinfection - the right procedure is just as important as the right product.

Choosing the right procedure is a challenge because all clinical and residential areas have their unique structure, contents and purpose. The ideal disinfection procedure is multi-factorial and a one-solution approach is not applicable to all healthcare sites, as highlighted by many studies:

Wei (2016) showed with modelling how air currents pull micro-organisms from the floor into the air as people walk along a thoroughfare. Koganti (2016) proved that a bacteriophage applied to the floor was found on high-touch surfaces within 24 hours. Galvin (2016) that shoe covers become contaminated during surgical procedures and that in turn leads to contaminated bedding. 

By understanding your requirements Diversey can help you determine the ideal cleaning and disinfection procedures for each area of your facility.

Hospital Cleaning and Disinfection Procedural Guidelines