Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection practice guidelines


At Diversey, we recognise that clinical governance is at the forefront of addressing infection prevention and control.

This is the framework through which your organisation implements and maintains a rigorous system of healthcare safety and quality to guard against healthcare associated infections (HAIs), which cost your organisation, the patient and the entire healthcare system.

We understand that clinical governance is a multi-disciplinary front that requires strategic partnerships to help you maintain best practice guidelines. You need a partner to help deliver your facility-wide strategic plan for infection prevention and control.

And that's what we do best.

Diversey is the expert in helping to create and deliver strategic tools for the prevention and control of HAIs. We provide the training, products and equipment you need to meet all national and industry standards. Within your appropriate governance and management structures, we partner with you to provide updated processes, innovative products and key tools to prevent, evaluate and continuously improve the delivery of infection prevention and control procedures.

Whether you need a partner who can help you develop and maintain effective governance and management systems for HAIs, or you simply need the products and tools that meet industry standards within your set protocols, Diversey is your partner. We will support you to deliver the cleanest and safest environment possible, helping you protect your patients, staff and visitors while optimising results, reducing risks and lowering overall costs.

Contact your local Diversey Health Team member to discuss infection prevention and your organisation.

Additional Information

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